Pediatric Speech Therapy/Swallowing

The goal of speech and swallowing therapy is to get the child to effectively communicate within the home environment or with primary caregiver/family members. Comprehensive Therapy Associates understands the value of having a family member being able to understand the child’s speech, increase vocabulary skills, and eat solid foods at mealtimes. My ultimate goal is to decrease the communication barriers that coexist with families that have children with speech/language delays. In addition, to have pediatric patients advance textures and to safely tolerate current diet consistencies. I offer individual sessions to help the child achieve progress towards established goals.


Evaluations at Comprehensive Therapy Associates are tailored to look at the whole child. This includes their prior medical history, current level of functioning in regards to speech/language and swallowing, family communication/mealtime dynamics, educational level, and social skills. Comprehensive Therapy Associates utilizes informal and formal assessments to evaluate the child’s speech/language and swallowing skills. Areas that are evaluated are listed below for children aged six months to ten years of age(speech/language/fluency); six months to eighteen years of age (dysphagia):

  • Difficulty With Current Nipple Flow/Weaning from PEG Tubes/Determining Least Restrictive Diet
  • Poor Articulation Within Sentences/Conversations/Phonological Errors
  • Delayed Non-Verbal/Verbal Language/Poor Social Language Usage
  • Stuttering Episodes



The therapy sessions are tailored to fit each child’s personality while simultaneously achieving goals and having tons of fun!!! The therapist provides caregiver/family training via written handouts, verbal/visual demonstrations to further enhance progress within the home and school environment. Individual therapy services address:

  • Pediatric Swallowing Disorders
  • Articulation/Phonological Disorders
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders
  • Fluency Disorders