About Us

Comprehensive Therapy Associates is a private practice dedicated to speech therapy and swallowing services for children and adults. The practice offers quality evidence based therapy while considering the individual’s medical history, current level of functioning, activities of daily living, and family involvement

Comprehensive Therapy Associates is currently contracted with the following insurance companies:
NexusACO NR, NexusACO R, Stratose, TRICARE West Region, UHC – Charter, UHC – Compass, UHC – Navigate, UHC In California, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan (CA Medi-CAL), UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions (West), UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue, Blue Shield of California PPO


Offering quality therapy while simultaneously empowering clients and families in the world of speech language pathology.

Chabonik is a California licensed speech Language Pathologist. She earned her Master’s of Speech Language Pathology from Howard University. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. Chabonik is experienced with working with children and adults of all ages. She has worked clinically in a variety of settings including home-based, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing/assisted living facilities, pediatric nursing homes, special education preschools, and public schools.

Being involved in client’s care throughout the therapeutic process has enabled Chabonik effectively to tailor therapy to meet individual client needs. Her experiences have allowed her to work with clients with a variety of medical diagnoses including cerebral vascular accident, congenital disorders, down syndrome, and neurological disorders. Chabonik has experience in treating receptive/expressive language disorders, articulation/phonology, fluency disorders, motor speech disorders (dysarthria, apraxia), voice, and cognitive linguistic-impairments (memory, problem-solving). In addition to working with individuals presenting with speech-language disorders and cognitive-linguistic impairments, Chabonik has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) with pediatrics and adults of all ages. During her time working in a hospital setting, she developed proficiency in performing Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBS study) to rule out aspiration objectively, determine least restrictive diet, and assess swallow efficiency.

In addition, she has always enjoyed training and mentoring, and has supervised graduate students and speech language pathologist assistants who are in the beginning of their field as well provided in-services to staff. Her approach to therapy is very eclectic and individually focused as great consideration in taken in account regarding the client’s medical history, current level of functioning, activities of daily living, and family involvement.

Family training is an integral part of therapy as written handouts/verbal demonstrations/discussions are provided during sessions. Chabonik believes that therapy sessions should be built on excellent rapport established, a sense of care, and trust. In order to stay up to date and be on the cutting edge of her profession, Chabonik attends various continuing education conferences. Chabonik is a dedicated professional, who combines a passionate and interest in speech language pathology with the desire to help others.

In her free time, Chabonik enjoys painting acrylics, hiking, biking, dining at restaurants, and listening to pop-music.